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AHF Slurry Pump Parts

AHF/LF/MF Slurry Pump is heavy duty froth pump for tough flotation froth duties, A large oversized inlet with a unique impeller inducer blade handles heavy froth and higher viscosity dense slurries with ease. Matec Solutions manufacture replacement parts of the AHF slurry pump parts, with lower cost and guaranteed performance, full life cycle quality warranty. 

Major Features:

Heavy duty construction with through-bolt design provides ease of maintenance and minimal downtime;
Ductile iron fully lined casing provides durability, strength, safety, and long service life;
Large diameter, slow turning, high efficiency impellers designed to achieve maximum wear life and low operating costs;
Large, open internal passages designed to reduce internal velocities, maximize wear life and lower operating costs ;
Unique impeller design for most difficult froth applications;
Thick elastomer or alloy bolt-in liners provide superior corrosion resistance plus offer ease of liner change-out and interchangeability to reduce overall maintenance costs and maximize wear life;
Minimal shaft/impeller overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases packing life;
Cartridge-style bearing assembly allows for maintenance in a clean environment without removal of the pump, resulting in reliable operation and prolonged bearing life; 
Standard AH pump, M pump and  L pump can be converted by replacing cover plate, throatbush and impeller;
Full flush, low flow or dry running centrifugal seals minimize water usage and operating costs.



AHF slurry pump parts

AHF Slurry Pump Parts

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