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SiC Ceramic

Wear Performance:
The silicon carbide crystal structure is similar to the diamond tetrahedron, and it is a compound composed of covalent bond, and the hardness of SiC is only lower than diamond. its abrasion resistance is 3.51 times of Cr30 wear-resisting steel. Longer service life : about 5 times more than that of alumina ceramic and 6 times more than that of polyurethane


Corrosion Resistance:

With stable chemical property, SiC can stand nearly all kinds of corrosion of mineral acid,organic acid,alkali,and it also has great antioxidant performance.


QC Inspection Instrument

Ceramics and sliding
Ceramic is good choice when mission is too hard for standard materials. Hardness, resistance to temperature and corrosion plus low weight gives a masterpiece for sliding.

Impaction is dangerous for ceramics (cracking) and must be avoided. Combination ceramics + rubber/polyurethane is an option. Composition and quality can vary from supplier to supplier.


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