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ASH Slurry Pump Parts

ASH SRH/SRC Slurry Pump can significantly reduce the operating costs of pumping abrasive/corrosive slurries. Matec Solutions supply genuine replacement for the ASH slurry pump. We focus on customer satisfaction by improving the wear life and mainten reliable quaility, Matec Solutions is the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

By combining traditional strengths, ruggedness and dependability with advanced hydraulics, these pumps offer enhanced efficiency resulting in increased wearlife of components such as wearing liners and impellers. The advanced hydraulics utilises a unique volute design which reduces destructive turbulence thus further reducing the overall power consumption – the largest expense in total operating cost.

SRH slurry pump

deliver maximum hydraulic efficiency in applications where minor process dilution is permissible from wet glands.

SRC slurry pump

incorporate a unique two-stage dynamic expeller seal which eliminates seal water and reticulation while effectively sealing against suction
heads of up to 12 metres. This sealing arrangement is completely protected by abrasion- and/or corrosion-resistant elastomer linings.


Thicker Liners: Absorb impact from large particles;

Reinforced non-collapsible liners;

Effective and reliable ”dry gland” capability; Unique two-stage expeller design.

Unique bearing arrangement; Utilises both radial and axial bearings.

Extended parts life, Reduced erratic failures and Easily maintained.

Less concentrated wear on liners and impellers, lower impeller peripheral speeds, less likely to cavitate.

ASH slurry pump partsASH slurry pump parts


ASH Slurry Pump Parts

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