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Crusher Spare Parts

Matec Solutions is a professional crusher spare parts manufacturer, All the Crusher Parts are proved reliable and durable in mining and aggregates application. We are the only supplier who promise full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Our engineering, manufacturing and service teams are renowned for developing improvements over OEM designs. Where a site-specific solution is needed, our experienced team of designers are available to evaluate individual applications and provide solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Reliable crusher spare parts enable stable production without unexpected downtime. Our offering of genuine replacement spare parts is available for Cone Crusher, Jaw Crusher, Gyratory Crusher, Impact Crusher(HSI, VSI) etc.,

Brand and Model Supported:


Superior 42-65, Superior 50-65, Superior 62-75.

GP100, GP200, GP300, GP500, GP11F, GP220, GP550, GP100S, GP200S, GP300S, GP500S

HP100, HP200, HP300, HP400, HP500, HP700, HP800, HP4, HP5, HP6, MP800, MP1000, MP1250

C63, C80, C95, C96, C100, C110. C125, C140, C145, C160, C200

NP1110, NP13, NP15, NP20

B6150SE, B7150SE, B9100SE


CH420, CH430, CH440, CH660, CH870, CH880, CS420, CS430, CS440, CS660

CJ408, CJ409, CJ411, CJ412, CJ612, CJ613, CJ615, CJ815, JM806, JM907, JM1108, JM1206,  JM1208, JM1211, JM1312, JM1511, JM1513

CV117, CV128, CV129, CV217,  CV228, CV229


C-1540, C-1540R, C-1545, C-1545P, C-1550, C-1550P, C-1554

J-1170, J-1175, J-1170AS, J-1160, J-960, J-1480

CRJ3042, CRJ3255, CRJ3750


T300, T400, T500, T900

H2238, H2550, H3244, H3450


TP260, TP350, TP450, TP600, TP900

CT1030, CT1040, CT1048, CT1252, CT2036, CT2436, CT3042, CT3254, CT3254B, CT3648, CT4254, CT4763, CT6080

For more information or customized requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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VSI Crusher Parts

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