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Mill Liners

Matec Solutions is a professional Mill Liners manufacturer, we supply customized wear part optimizing mill throughput and total grinding costs, including costs for energy, grinding media and maintenance.

Matec Solutions mill liners  include Ball Mill type, SAG Mill type, AG Mill type, as well as Scrubber type. We offer full lining kits including Lifter bars, shell plates, pulp lifters, fasteners and discharge grates.

Mill Liners Series:

Metallic Mill Linings

Poly-Met Mill Linings

Rubber Mill Linings

Metallic mill linings are the traditional linings, High manganese and chrome alloy material are familiar to most mines. Optimized design can improve uptime and maximize the grinding performance;

Poly-Met Mill Linings is a combination of rubber and steel. The rubber imparts flexibility, facilitates maintenance, and in combination with extremely hard metallic inserts maintains an efficient profile over the entire lining life.

Rubber Mill Linings are chosen for most Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Ball Mills. And in many cases rubber components are best option for specific areas in AG and SAG mills.

Matec Solustions offers mill linings with materials and designs optimized for each specific application. Our approach to lining design focused on grinding performance, mill uptime and safety. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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Rubber Mill Liners

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