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TC Slurry Pump Parts

Cyklo TC Slurry pumps are designed for the Mining, Chemical and General Process Industries for heavy continuous duty handling abrasive/large particle sizes and/or long stringy material which tends to clog. Matec Solutions manufacture equivalent pumps of the TC series slurry pump, with lower cost and guaranteed performance, full life cycle quality warranty.

Major features are as follows:

1. Robust shafts and metric bolting.
2. Gland or centrifugal type shaft seal.
3. Replaceable wet end components available in different materials including
Chrome alloy.
4. A recessed impeller, located completely out of the flow pattern, transmits its swirling motion to the fluid in the suction line. Suction and discharge waterways
become one continuous open passageway from suction flange to discharge flange. Solids are drawn into the vortex of the swirling liquid and are discharged by centrifugal force from the open chamber, seldom touching the impeller.
5. All internal passageways are equal to or larger than the discharge opening.
Therefore the pump will handle any solid which can pass through the pump
6. With no wearing rings or other close running fits, abrasion is minimised. What little wearing may occur has practically no effect on the performance of the pump.
7. The ‘eye’ of the impeller has been eliminated, reducing the possibility of vapour
locking. This makes the Cyklo Pump superior for handling aerated pulps and
high suction lifts where net positive suction heads are low. The pump must be
primed however.
8. Because the Cyklo Pump can run without fluid in its casing, and will re-prime
under positive suction feed without vapour locking it is ideal for continuous
9. The pump casing, shaft and impeller can be supplied for clockwise or
anticlockwise rotation of the pump shaft.



TC Slurry Pump
TC Slurry Pump Parts

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