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Slurry Pump

Matec solutions is a professional slurry pump manufacturer, specialized in slurry pumping solutions. Our pumps are widely used for Mineral processing plant, aggregates plant and dredging barge. Wear resistant wet parts provide added value to our customer. We are the only supplier who can give full life cycle quality warranty, we take care of our customer and products at any time.

Matec Solutions Slurry Pump Parts are compatible with Warman pump, it is genuine alternative replacement, with optimized design and material. We hold huge stocks wear parts like impeller, volute liner, throatbush, cover plate liner, frame plate liner, frame plate liner insert, shaft sleeve, expeller, expeller ring and bearing assembly etc.,

AH-MCR-AHF-ASH-G-M-HH-L-SP-GPS slurry pumps are popular Warman pump models in mineral processing plant. Matec Solutions reverse engineered and optimized design gives you another choice, to lower your cost without compromise to quality, without worry of compatibility. more uptime and easy maintenance is what we focus on, longer service life time is what we care about.

With decades of experience and know how konwledge, we are able to offer suitable solutions for your pumping application, especially critical heavy duty situation like mill discharge, cyclone feeding, tailings reject, thickener underflow, froth handling and filter press etc.,

We not only supply standard materials like A05-A07-A61 high chrome alloy and R08-R26-R38-R55-U38 elastomer, but also silicon carbide ceramic and tungsten carbide. Moreover, we developed upgrade material based on above materials, which is more anti abrasive, times the wear life.

Please contact us to get information about how to extend your pump life and get more production.

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Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

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